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Mahaica-Berbice ID this fish


Mahaica-Berbice ID this fish


ID this fish

Hi, can help id this fish and the max size. Tks.
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Nobody can id this fish?
>Not sure what the actual name but will not grow bigger then 4 inches.
>Tks bro for input.
>Looks alike like tiger barb.... But urs is blue... Lol.
Blue barb?
>looks like tetra also. blue barb tetra maybe?
>seaview got sell but cant remember call what
>One of my LFS bro told me its name is 中国翡翠。Wu ya bo?
>Originally Posted by Fish Love One of my LFS bro told me its name is 中国翡翠。Wu ya bo? think it is the correct name as I have kept them last time before. Saw them at Polyart, forgot about the english name like "Red Si......", you can check it out from Polyart if you want.
>Its a red shiner, cyprinella lutrensis. Temperate country fish, prefers cooler waters. Beluran Aquarium

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