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Mahaica-Berbice First comm attempt


Mahaica-Berbice First comm attempt


First comm attempt

Sharing my first attempt to comm aro with other fishes. so far so good.
Tank size is 5 x 2 x 2.5
Running 1 x Fluval FX5, 1 x Atman DF1300, 1 x Rio 12 with OHF 1 x OF Hydra50
Sorry for the lousy pic. Im still learning how to take good pic. Hope 1 day can get hold of a DSLR and take pic as nice as bro Koji
(sediments at the bottom are high active as I just did WC and added them before taking pic)
my XB from Tungho when I just bought it
after 4months with me...only can see body broader I think
>IT from polyart
NTT from C328
>Bahia Gold from bro alvinlhl
Orino Azul from Aro Ave
>Red head got it free from a bro
EE from Atlantis at Serangoon north
shovelnose from Aro ave
>nice comm with stable IT and ntt. whats ur ntts diet?
>Nice shine from the xb, bro.
>Dried shrimps and alternate days MP
>bro nice XB, Add a few aro morn will Excellent..thanks for Sharing
>Nice aro comm tank
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